The Complete Personalized Bible [Bonded Leather]


Every Personalized Bible is completely unique and one-of-a-kind! We insert your First Name, Last Name and even your Spouse's First Name (if applicable) into the bible text to personalized God's Word to read straight to YOU.

Experience the bible come alive for you in a fresh way as familiar scriptures take on a whole new relevance with your name inserted into it! E.g., "The Lord is John's shepherd. John should not want..." (Psalms 23) and over 7000 personalized bible verses.

- Your First Name replaces pronouns like "I" or "my" in over 7,000 places
- Your Last Name appears in over 50 places
- Your Spouse's First Name (if applicable) appears in over 150 places
- Choose from two bible translations - King James Version or World English Bible translation (an update to the American Standard Version)
- Add a Dedication Note Or/ And Photo in the preface 

- Text size for this Large Print edition is approximately point size 10
- All our Bibles are thread sewn for durability, bounded with quality, top-grade German Cabra bonded leather and printed on imported book paper. 
- Weight: About 3.3lbs (or 1.5kg) 
- Measurement: 10.9"(height) x 7.6" (width) and is 1.3" thick (or 27.7cm x 19.3cm and 3.5cm thick)

Your personalised bible is produced only upon order and is absolutely unique, just like you! Buy this Bible for yourself or for someone you love and give a gift of eternal value!



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