About Us

Spread the Word

We believe in the power of the Word of God. We also believe Your Personalized Bible is a great tool to help everyone read the Word and encounter God. We want to help you gain a deeper understanding of God’s promises to you personally and to experience the depth of God’s love for you intimately. And we believe the personalized bible verses in every one of our product will help you grow in that understanding and experience.

Jesus knew you even before you were born, He even knows the number of hair on your head, He keeps the tears you cry and He knows you by name.

“The sheep hear His voice, and He calls His own sheep by name and leads them out.” – John 10:3


Reap the Harvest

We share God’s heart for the lost. We firmly believe Your Personalised Bible can open the door to your unsaved family and friends to experience God and His nature. It is a powerful evangelical instrument when you place a personalised Bible in the hands of an unbeliever.


About Us

Your Personalized Bible is a trademarked product from the US. It was started in 2001 and since, has been used all around the world in over 100 nations. Click through here to read the founders’ story of how it was started.


www.personalisedbible.com is the official partner and distributor of Your Personalized Bible.