Changing the world with the power of the Bible September 03 2015

On 1st September 2015 we launched a new social cause - One Bible Many Lives.

For every personalized Bible you purchase, we will give away one personalized Bible to someone in Cambodia.

Cambodia is a South-East Asian country less than half the size of California. During 1975-1979, the genocidal Khmer Rouge regime killed an estimated 1.7 million people through war, poverty and genocide. 

What happened didn't just take away lives, but killed off the ability to dream. Today, the third-world country still faces many problems like sex-trafficking and corruption. But yet, the church in Cambodia is growing. 

We visited Cambodia personally and were struck by the beauty of the country as well as the extreme poverty. Where the genocide attempted to kill off whole people groups and render people faceless and nameless, we want to give the Cambodians a chance to know the God who knows their name.

As they read a personalized bible with their own name in it, we pray God will restore their true identity to them. 

In Cambodia where the average wage is less than USD$200 a month, buying a Bible is a far-fetched luxury. 

Did you know an estimated total of 1.3 billion people worldwide do not have access to any scripture? We believe we are here to change lives and we know there is life-changing power in the word of God. That's why for every Your Personalized Bible you purchase from us, we will print and deliver one personalized Bible to Cambodia.

Partnering with Kingdomcity, an international church with a local church in the Cambodia capital of Phnom Penh, (and in 5 other nations) we work together in the distribution of these free personalized bibles to families.

The recipients range from children as young as 5 years old to working adults - They even use the Bible as a family tool to learn English together. The free Bible you made possible for them to receive doesn't just bless them today, it gives them a better tomorrow

Partner together and let's see the world changed through the power of the Word of God.

Together, we can change the world.